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INSPIRATION | Cosmos Within Us

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Tupac Martir 1 minute Share
Cosmos Within Us is a daring storytelling experiment blurring the boundaries between VR, performance, cinema, and music. Share


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AR/VR & Gaming

INSPIRATION | Holographic Medicine

The Lisbon School of Medicine and HoloCare AS have partnered to launch a Holographic Medicine project, running on Microsoft, for clinical research and enhanced medical knowledge.
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+ 7 Alison Clare Sundset 1 minute
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AR/VR & Gaming

INDUSTRY | Gaming (not!) Over

This is the first time we have Gaming as an Industry Talk! Speakers with different contexts and backgrounds will talk about the world's largest entertainment industry with a special focus on the Portuguese context.
Ivan Barroso
+ 2 Ivan Barroso 1 minute
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AR/VR & Gaming

HANDS ON | New Pedagogical Methodologies with Minecraft

Minecraft: Education Edition is the pedagogical game that goes beyond the way educators teach and students learn. Curious how Joana Simas, Tiago Costa and Bruno de Andrade use this tool? Discover in this session the use of this pedagogical tool and the worlds of each of the participants.
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+ 1 Joana Simas 1 minute


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