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CODING | React and Adapt to organizational changes By Rumos

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CODING | React and Adapt to organizational changes By Rumos

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Sérgio Cláudio 1 minute Share
The pandemic forced organizations to major shifts. Studently millions of professionals had to rely even more on collaboration tools, work in an asynchronous environment and become more independent. Platforms like Ms 365 paved the way to support these professionals on their daily work. Moving more and more into hybrid models, we will need once again to adapt, in-office days will reduce, available space office will change. In this session we will show how to use the Power Platform to create Low code solutions essential to their daily work. Share


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EXPERTS | Digital Strategies in a Post Pandemic World by Xpand IT

Technology has become, in recent years, a key element in industries such as Insurance, Banking and Retail, among others - boosted by the pandemic we're experiencing. With that in mind, what are the key elements of a successful digital strategy? How can companies take advantage of different technological components to reinvent themselves to deal with growing unpredictability of markets and the growing demands from consumers?
Sérgio Viana Partner Microsoft Solutions Lead
Aa9caf334e35 Filipa M.
Sérgio Viana 1 minute
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EXPERTS | Platforms as a Business Model by Bold

We are more than ever aware of the need to continuously transform our businesses in order to adapt to the changes in operational and business needs. The necessity to be competitive, scale quickly and minimize risk, have driven cloud adoption at a rate never seen before.
14E860a56822 Pedro 01
Pedro Campos 1 minute
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EXPERTS | Production Ready Cloud by Logicalis

Through our strategic, global partnership with Microsoft and as one of ninety Azure Expert MSP certified partners worldwide, we have created Production Ready Cloud (PRC), a managed services solution on the Microsoft Azure platform.
Pedro Rebelo BW[1] (1)
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Pedro Rebelo 1 minute
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EXPERTS | Acceleration Digital Transformation by Fujitsu

ServiceNow & Microsoft established a strategic partnership intended to significantly enhance the integration and optimization of the companies’ products, platform and cloud capabilities. Together, ServiceNow and Microsoft will help accelerate organizations digital transformation, creating great experiences and unlocking productivity. In this session you will find some of the use cases that can be achieved using both ServiceNow with Office 365 and/or Azure.
Carlos Rod
Carlos Rodrigues 1 minute
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INSPIRATION | Geopolitical Trends

Major geo-political changes are predicted in the coming decades. In this panel we will look at this possible future and its implications.
Ana Isabel Prancheta 1
Monica Ferro Prancheta 1 (1)
+ 1 Ana Isabel Xavier 1 minute
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INSPIRATION | 4 Days Normal

Will 4 work days be the future of the work week? Some organizations have already tested it and the objective is discuss the pros, cons and implications that could have on the economy, society and organizations.
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Marta Dias (1)
+ 2 Ana Marcela 1 minute
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INSPIRATION | Created in: A New Paradigm For The Portuguese Economy

Responding to the societal challenges of ageing and climate change requires a new paradigm of wealth creation based on knowledge, skills and innovation: the 'created in' paradigm. This new economic development model requires a closer link between the Portuguese scientific and technological system and national and global 'frontier companies' and an economic context favouring innovative firms' birth and growth.
Fernando Alexandre[1]
Fernando Alexandre 1 minute
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INDUSTRY | Crypto: After the Hype, Comes the Future

Panel discussion on financial services and in particular crypto assets. Evolution, impacts and analysis of this future will be some of the themes addressed by the speakers.
Andre Mestre FOTO
Paula Antunes Da Costa
+ 1 André Mestre 1 minute
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INDUSTRY | Back to the Future Store

Panel discussion on the retail sector, namely on the role of physical stores in the context of new shopping habits and post-pandemic trends. Speakers from different fields and backgrounds will address various perspectives about the in-store experience and its complementarity with the online channel.
6C7b979e2cd9 Helder Oliveira Oct
13508D16b018 38776 João Silveira
+ 2 Hélder Ribeiro 1 minute
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INDUSTRY | Portuguese Out of Space

This is the first time we have Space as an Industry Talk! Specialists speakers will address topics such as the Portuguese strategy for space and the relevance that Portuguese teams and companies have on it. The focus is to explain why one can tell that there is a "Portuguese space out there".
Mariana Cunha Prancheta 1
C96c323c53cf Hugoandrecosta Vf
+ 2 Mariana Amaro 1 minute
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EMPOWERMENT | Omnichannel Paradigm

Today's customers are more sophisticated than ever and expect the organizations they interact with to follow this trend. They require more responsive service and more satisfying commitments every step of their journey as a customer. To compete in this adverse context, organizations need to provide more purposeful interactions that build lasting relationships with their customers. Join us in the discussion about the true impact of an Omnichannel service on customer/citizen/patient journey.
Catarinabejacristao Photo 2020[1]
Nuno S Cruz Foto
+ 2 Catarina Beja Cristão 1 minute


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