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EXPERTS | Tech Education by Ironhack

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EXPERTS | Tech Education by Ironhack

Catarina Costa
Catarina Costa 1 minute Share
Ironhack wants to help transform education Our higher purpose is to transform the education space by making it customer-centric and outcomes-driven. Students finish our program with a new way of thinking and approaching problems, resulting in new jobs, promotions at their current jobs, or companies they’ve built. We want to simplify the technological world with quality and efficiency. Share


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EXPERTS | Solutions A vision for the future of education by Logitech

There has never been a more important time for teachers to communicate, engage and collaborate with students. Logitech video collaboration solutions ensure that both teachers and students can be seen and heard and that teachers can facilitate interaction to enable students to contribute in a meaningful and equitable way. In this session we will show you how Logitech supports teachers, schools and families in the education of the future.

Pedro Mata
Pedro Mata 1 minute
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EXPERTS | The (too) Many Roles of a Teacher by Codevision

The (too) Many Roles of a Teacher
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João Paulo da Silva Teixeira 1 minute
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EXPERTS | Partnering IT with Education by BMWT

BMWT is a company that provides IT services, with more than 20 years of experience in the area. We support educational institutions, public and private, and small and medium-sized companies.
963D271ca776 Bruno Almeida
Bruno Almeida 1 minute
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INSPIRATION I Inclusion Multiculturalism and Digital Technologies

With a growth of 21% between the academic year 2018/2019 and 2019/2020, in Portugal, the reception and integration of foreign students is a real challenge that most schools face.
Adelaide Franco Foto
Angela Nip
+ 3 Adelaide Franco 1 minute
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Filipa Cunha 1 minute
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In this session, José António Moreira, Associate Professor of the Dept. of Education and Distance Learning at the Open University, and Rui Grilo, Western Europe Director at Microsoft, will comment on the theme EDUCATION, the presentations of Mark East and Kati Tiainen (Learning Never Stops), Luís Gaspar and António Barros Mendonça (The School of the 21st Century) and Jeffrey Rogers (The Possible Futures of Learning).
José Moreira Prancheta 1
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José António Moreira 1 minute
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INSPIRATION I Learning Never Stops

"Human capital is probably the most important investment any government could make". It is with this statement that Mark East, Senior Director EMEA Education at Microsoft, opens the session.
740E950a5f72 Kati Tiainen Copy
Mark East (2)
Kati Tiainen 1 minute
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INSPIRATION I The Possible Futures of Learning

The future of education needs more futures thinking. Our visions for teaching & learning need to be more expansive and more flexible.
17Ae3f0b8a6a J Rogers Headshot Reduced
Jeffrey Rogers 1 minute
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INSPIRATION | Informed Decision Making for a Brighter Future

In this session, Margarida Rodrigues - Research Manager at José Neves Foundation, Francisco Lima - President of INE, and João Cerejeira – Professor of Economics at University of Minho, will explore how data, transformed into knowledge, are important and used in deciding educational and professional pathways and what are the real opportunities for a better future through informed decision-making.
Cerejeira Prancheta 1
E0c83a3d2a81 Maria Margarida Rodrigues
+ 1 João Cerejeira 1 minute
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EMPOWERMENT | Investing in Your Educational Journey

In this session, Daniel Traça – Dean of the New School of Business and Economics and several ISA FJN scholarship students will explore the opportunities for a better Future through Education.
Daniel Traça Prancheta 1
Sofia Sa
+ 2 Daniel Traça 1 minute
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EMPOWERMENT | Experiencing a Tech Classroom

"Experiencing a Tech Classroom" tells us about the integration of technology in the classroom, as well as the opportunities it provides in terms of personalization of teaching, collaborative work, innovative methodologies and new dynamics of school management.
Ana Claudia Rodrigues[1]
Alexandre Taveirapng Prancheta 1
+ 2 Ana Cláudia Rodrigues 1 minute
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EMPOWERMENT | How to attract students to the most wanted jobs

Connecting career offices to Human Resources departments is a reality, but what actions are being developed today and how is Higher Education acting to boost the market?
Ana Claudia Valente
Carla Padrel
+ 2 Ana Cláudia Valente 1 minute
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EMPOWERMENT | Methodologies in Cognitive Development

Several studies show that there are benefits in using virtual reality in teaching and learning processes. Thus, the "Methodologies in Cognitive Development" session explores these new methodologies for the future of Education, as well as their impact and effectiveness.
8Ba061cf1cd9 Tânia Serrão PNG (1)
+ 2 Tânia Serrão 1 minute
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LEARNING | The Power of Soft Skills

Nick Van Dam 1 minute
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LEARNING | A Guide to Help You Decide What to Learn

In this session Fundação José Neves with Alexandre Homem Cristo President of QIPP - will explore the challenges that young people and parents face when deciding which education to pursue and present the case study of a father and son who used the José Neves Foundation Guide as support for conscious and informed decision making.
Martim Amorim Prancheta 1
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+ 1 Martim Pedro Amorim 1 minute
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HANDS ON | Learn How to Navigate Career Journey with Career Coach

Career Coach is a Microsoft Teams for Education powered by LinkedIn application that offers higher education institutions a unified career solution for their students to discover their career plan, develop real-world skills, and build their networking network.
Elizabeth Shipeio
Elizabeth Shipeio 1 minute
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HANDS ON | Brighter Future Education & Employment Platform

In this session, we will explore how Brighter Future brings together information on employment, education, and skills to give you the opportunity to make informed decisions on your educational path. Nesta sessão, exploramos como a Plataforma Brighter Future reúne dados e cruza informações sobre Emprego, Educação e Competências para que possa tomar a melhor decisão para o seu futuro, de forma informada e consciente.
Margarida Rodrigues Prancheta 1
Foto CO
Margarida Rodrigues 1 minute
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HANDS ON | Viva Learning – Simplify Learning in the Flow of Work

Viva Learning is part of the new Microsoft Employee Experience Platform and creates a team learning center where people can discover, share, and track learning paths available in an organization (LinkedIn Learning, MS Learn, own organization content and third-party solutions) to empower employees to make learning a natural part of their day. See your potential in this session with a detailed demonstration of how Viva Learning works and integrates into Microsoft Teams.
Raquel Silvestre
Raquel Silvestre 1 minute


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