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INDUSTRY | New Renewable Energy Systems

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INDUSTRY | New Renewable Energy Systems

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Panel discussion on the energy sector, essential and common to all other sectors. This session will address different themes like: energy transition, areas of greater innovation and research and impacts on the network and on companies' business models. Additionally, the theme of prosumers and energy communities will be deepened. Share


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INDUSTRY | The Green Factory

Panel discussion on the industrial sector and in particular on its decarbonization. In this session speakers will discuss their strategies, main areas of investments, impact of technology and best practices to address a decarbonization journey.
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INSPIRATION | Solutions for the planet by Capgemini

Dr. James Robey, Capgemini's Global Head of Environmental Sustainability, will highlight the science behind the growing climate crisis and focus on why a global solutions-oriented approach is needed. Dr. James Robey will show examples of how technology and innovation are already impacting some of our biggest sources of emissions and call on organizations to work together, using our collective potential to protect our future.
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INSPIRATION | Discussion

In this session, Abel Aguiar, Executive Director - Partner Channel at Microsoft, and Ana Silveira, Head of External Relations & Regulation at Galp, will comment on the PLANET theme, the presentations of Nicholas Haan (Planet Futures: Let's Reimagine Our World), James Robey (Solutions for the Planet) and Mette Lykke (Empowering Everyone in the Fight Against Food Waste).
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Ana Silveira 1 minute
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INSPIRATION | The carbon market

The carbon credits issued by countries and companies willing to offset greenhouse gas emissions move billions of dollars, combining economic and sustainable interests. In this debate, we will better understand how one of the main bets against climate change works.
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Sustainability today has a return on investment that goes far beyond the direct impact on carbon reductions: it impacts brands, investors, employee engagement and the entire value chain. We are going to discuss this new concept that many already refer to as a new KPI: Return-on-Sustainability.
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INSPIRATION | Replacing fossil fuels with fuel from air

Air Company was founded five years ago to contribute to stopping climate change. As a carbon dioxide utilization company, we make products using new technology that requires only carbon dioxide, water, and renewable electricity as inputs, and with oxygen as our only byproduct. This talk will discuss our progress scaling our technology from a laboratory prototype, to a ton-per-day industrial carbon removal system, and beyond to utilize gigatons of greenhouse gas toward protecting our climate.
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Stafford Sheehan 1 minute
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INSPIRATION | Planetary computer for sustainable future

Human activities have brought our home, planet earth, to the brink of collapse with climate change rampant, biodiversity plummeting, and our oceans filling with plastics and acidifying. We now have the tools of exponentially growing digital technologies to not only solve these challenges, but to reimagine our world. Seize your superpowers to help create a more prosperous, harmonious world.
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Closing Session.
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