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[PEOPLE] INSPIRATION | Long Life Tech Learners

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INSPIRATION | Long Life Tech Learners

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+ 2 Ana Leonor Martins 1 minute Share
In the past, skills lasted a lifetime. In the digital world, they easily become obsolete and require continuous learning. In this panel we will address how people and organizations should prepare for this new paradigm in which we will all have to be Long Life learners. Share


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Skilling & Reskilling

EXPERTS | IT Certification Yes or No by Rumos

International studies have shown that skills validation through technical certification remains very relevant for IT professionals, no matter what stage they are in their careers.
Rumos Jorge Lopes Hor
Jorge Lopes 1 minute
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Skilling & Reskilling

EXPERTS | Transferência de Competências – a Global Management by Inovar +

Inovar+ group, which includes the companies Inovar+ and Microio, develops Software and Hardware Solutions with a focus on Education, investing in an offer ranging from Pre-school to Higher Education. The group is increasingly focused on this market and attentive to its challenges, not only in the academic area, but also in financial and management areas, always giving importance to its customers' needs. Requalification in the Education market is a watchword and a reality with the arrival of Tran...
João Pinho 1 minute
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Skilling & Reskilling

EXPERTS | Switching Career into IT by Rumos

Companies need, increasingly, qualified professionals to work in information technologies. This is a market that does not stop growing and that is why there are more and more “reconverts” wanting to embrace a new career that may have little to do with their professional or academic path.
Paulo Ferreira
Veron Ica
Paulo Ferreira 1 minute
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Skilling & Reskilling

EXPERTS | Reskilling the unemployable by NoCode Institute

Digital Reskilling is one of the biggest challenges of the digital transition, and visual programming or No-Code can contribute to further democratization of digital competences.

NoCode Institute ( is a Digital Reskilling Platform to reboot careers by learning to build software without code, leveraging No-Code tools, to support underestimated talents in career shifting and reintegration in the new digital economy. All with the super-power of No-Code.
Miguel Muñoz Duarte 1 minute
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Skilling & Reskilling

EXPERTS | Algorithms, Clouds & Humans Rebels by MindFlow

Algorithms, Clouds & Humans
Monica Rodrigues
Mónica Rodrigues 1 minute
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Skilling & Reskilling


Openning Session.
Marco Ramos Gomes 1 minute
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Skilling & Reskilling

INSPIRATION | Immersive Digital & Ethical Integration

This session discusses topics related to the innovation and digitalization of Higher Education, the methods and results of online teaching assessments and the concern which questions if today's teaching may be considered ethical or not.
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+ 2 Catarina Santos 1 minute
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Skilling & Reskilling


Closing Session.
Pedro Dominguinhos
Pedro Dominguinhos 1 minute
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Skilling & Reskilling

INSPIRATION | State of The Nation: Education for a Better Future

In this session, José Neves and Carlos Olivera – founder and co-founder of the José Neves Foundation – will present the State of the Nation on education, employment and skills, which aims to share knowledge and open the discussion around the weaknesses and opportunities of the nation.
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Jose Neves Fundação Jose Neves
Carlos Oliveira 1 minute
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Skilling & Reskilling

INSPIRATION | Skilling in the Digital Era

The 4th industrial revolution that we are experiencing is one of the main challenges today, in which technology is being embedded into most aspects of our life. This change led to a significant transition of what is expected of workers and, consequently, of Education. Alexa Joyce, EMEA Digital Transformation & Skills Director, tells us about future ready skills and diggs into some of the reasons why we need to prepare students for a digital world.
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Alexa Joyce 1 minute
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Skilling & Reskilling

INSPIRATION | Discussion

Nesta sessão, Vânia Neto, Education Skills Lead da Microsoft, e António Murta, Co-Founder da Fundação José Neves, irão comentar o tema SKILLING, as apresentações de Alexa Joyce (Skilling in the Digital Era), e de Carlos Oliveira e José Neves (State of the Nation - Education for a Better Future).
António Murta Foto
Vânia Neto
António Murta 1 minute
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Skilling & Reskilling

INSPIRATION | Empowering Online Learning for Outstanding Results

"Employers expect to offer re-skilling and up-skilling to over 70% of employess by 2025" (World Economic Forum, 2020). But how the Education Sector, Governments and Corporations can tackle the global challenge of upskilling and reskilling and deliver real deep learning at scale? Find out in this session of JPS Kohli, CEO of SkillUp.
JPS Kohli 1 minute
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Skilling & Reskilling

LEARNING | New Professions, New Challenges

Rodrigo Castro[1]
+ 1 Rodrigo Castro 1 minute
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Skilling & Reskilling

LEARNING | Upskills - Digital Skills and Jobs

This session sets the stage for us to talk a bit about the Upskill project - a retraining project that has already helped me and many other professionals change jobs. We talk about the project itself and what it has meant for our professional and personal lives. Here is a summary of our opinions about this initiative and its importance in a broader context as participants in the first edition of the program.
Maria Ramos Prancheta 1
Tiago Fonseca
+ 1 Maria Andrade Ramos 1 minute
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Skilling & Reskilling

LEARNING | What do Students Want and What do Companies Need ?

Clara Celestino
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+ 1 Clara Celestino 1 minute
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Skilling & Reskilling

LEARNING | Long Life Learning Restart Learning Now

In this session Fundação José Neves with Alexandre Homem Cristo, President of QIPP - will explore the challenges of a long-life learning journey and present success cases that José Neves Foundation helped.
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Olga Frazao Prancheta 1
+ 1 Paulo Valverde 1 minute


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