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The next major disruption in digital transformation since the emergence of the internet is here and it's called the Metaverse. This new, much more experience-driven revolution is a “continuum of emerging capabilities, use cases, technologies and experiences”. The new 3D reality cuts across the virtual world, the Cloud and AI, blockchain and digital twins. As a virtual mirror of a physical reality, be it an office or a city, digital twins represent the possibility of interacting with anyone from anywhere. Companies must understand the impact of the Metaverse on society and on the economy to better adapt their business. Don´t miss out. Share


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INSPIRATION | Searching For a New Maximum

Searching For a New Maximum
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INSPIRATION | Accelerating Innovation

Omar Abbosh, President of Industry Solutions at Microsoft, will share his perspective on the increasingly critical role technology will play in facing today’s most pressing challenges, and capitalizing on today’s most important opportunities.
Omar Abbosh
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